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Advanced Wound Care


Advanced Wound Care Contest

Do you have a great idea how to resolve identified problems or unmet needs for the treatment of chronic wounds? If so, we can help you develop your idea into a greater reality.

Through beginning of February, 2016, Freudenberg will be hosting an idea contest for the most innovative thinking in wound care. We want to hear about your new product ideas for either improving existing solutions or creating new ones.

Examples of relevant components of innovative products in advanced wound care include all types of primary or secondary wound dressings -- foams, hydrogels, superabsorbent polymers, hydrocolloids, films, adhesives -- as well as related composites.

Examples of innovative product properties include: improved exsudate or moisture management, enhanced debridement capacity, improved adhesion, wearability, residence time or usability, implemented diagnostic tools, improved management of bioburden, inhibition of microbial biofilms, better surface coatings, and release of bioactive factors.


The decision on the best ideas submitted will be made by beginning of February, 2016. Freudenberg will invite the creators of those winning ideas to attend our internal ideaWorkshop. They will meet with other innovators and will have the opportunity to discuss the commercial possibilities of their ideas.

Freudenberg’s Starprize contest continues. Depending on the maturity of each business idea, we will work with the originator of that idea toward its realization. That may include establishing together the serial production and market introduction. In such a case additional agreements would be necessary.

We are an old company with new ideas. Over our long history, we have established a strong record of working with external innovators and suppliers, advancing their ideas from the mind to the market. For further details, please contact us.


Please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss your business idea before submission or encounter any problems in using our ideaTrophy Webforum.

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